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Aaya Productions, is a company based in New York  that organizes various services in film, video, advertising & marketing, also other projects that require the most professional and creative approach in the field.
Our company was founded by the Algerian filmmaker  Amine  Mihoubi. Our talented team speaks many different languages, and works with many US and abroad clients . We are inventive and can offer original concepts to be developed in pr-production, created in production and finalized in post production for any kind of ideas born in the company or brought from outside to become a reality. AAYA productions work in collaboration with a wide range of successful artists, filmmakers, writers, producers of all levels from all around the globe and give the possibility to build connections while they will pass their knowledge to all.

We also Offer    

Aaya productions perform carefully planned and designed courses in specific areas to have people to achieve any particular goals with a wide range of different workshops in all languages and cultures (Arabic, French, Italian, English) that explore and teach about the film, television, media, web and all audio and visual communication world.


Corporate & Business Videos

AAYA has the expertise and knowledge to bring your video or video series to life and make it engaging and exciting. The types of videos we can produce for you are: Marketing videos, Commercials, Corporate Documentaries, Testimonial videos, Corporate Documentaries.

Reality TV & Documentary

We have the Directors of Photography, the lighting, grip gear and shooters to make your next reality show or doc… a reality all in one stop. No need to peace meal your video production package together from different sources. We’ll do it all and make it affordable and professional.

Music Videos & Films

Music Video & Film Production
New and established musical artists are welcome to inquire about creating a music video with us.
Yes you..! are you a producer looking for a director or crew? We love the challenge of putting together high end looking projects on tight budgets. 

Web Videos & Commercials

Having professional videos on your site and social media that properly represents your business is essential in today’s online environment.
Video offers so much more than text or static content. AAYA can accommodate almost any businesses budget.

Digital Marketing & website

With Aaya Productions, we work step by step with you to bring your brand and company’s personality to life. AAYA Productions combines our expertise in the field of graphic and artistic design with cutting edge processes to do what matters most- make you stand out in a crowd & be the business leader you are.